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Agnieszka Nowińska Agnieszka Nowińska Agnieszka Nowińska Agnieszka Nowińska Agnieszka Nowińska

Services offered


Interpreting from English into Polish and interpreting from Polish into English, Polish A English B, conference interpreter, consecutive interpreter, liaison interpreter, whispering interpreting.
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Sworn translation, Krakow

Sworn translation at notaries, sworn translation in court, sworn translation for companies, sworn translation of documents (vital statistics documents, tenders, contracts, corporate documents).
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English into Polish and Polish into English translation in accordance with the EN-PN 15038 standard, high turnover, reliability and high quality; scientific papers, contracts, procedures, applications, websites.
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Fields of expertise:

Business, finance
and law
Accounting, risk management, loans, stock exchange, enterprises, EU funds, management, real estate, trade negotiations, enterprise, incubators, innovative economy, civil law, companies law, bankruptcy and rehabilitation law, labour law, tax law, legal systems and courts, prosecutors’ office.
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Industry, agriculture and environmental protection
Oil and gas, well-logging and seismics, mining, CCS, steelworks, energy sector, renewable energies, thermal incineration of waste, biogas, heating, sustainable transport, railway market, nuclear energy, aviation, radiometry, ABC weapons, antiterrorism safety and security, agriculture and farming, animal production, waste management, water protection, flood prevention, construction and architecture.
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Culture and Art

Krakow Film Festival, Off Plus Camera Festival, Krakow Film Music Festival, Materia Prima Forma Festival, Conrad Festival, Milosz Festival, ICOMOS conference, Sacrum Profanum , Young Opera Audience international conference, seminars and lectures on art and design at museums and galleries, scientific conferences (conservation of paper, transfer and detachment of painting, contemporary music, comparative literature).
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Agnieszka Nowińska

tel. (48) 602352261

mail: agni@anowinska.pl